Australian Infrastructure Statistics—Yearbook 2020

The aim of the Australian Infrastructure Statistics Yearbook is to provide a single, comprehensive annual source of infrastructure statistics for use by policymakers, industry leaders, transport analysts and the wider Australian community.

The publication is primarily a source of long-term, aggregate time series infrastructure statistics.  Most statistics included in the publication are currently collected by BITRE or other Australian, state or territory government agencies.

The Yearbook is presented in five parts:

The yearbook is accompanied by the Key Australian Infrastructure Statistics Booklet which is a summary of statistics from the yearbook.

You may also be interested in the following dashboards.

  • Infrastructure Construction Dashboard

    The Infrastructure Construction Dashboard presents quarterly updates on transport, communications, energy and water infrastructure construction, based on the ABS Engineering Construction Activity series.
  • Road Construction Price Dashboard

    This Dashboard presents the ABS Road and Bridge Construction Producer Price Index, as well as the BITRE Road Construction and Maintenance Price Index and Sub-Indexes and the input prices.