BITRE Forecasts

BITRE forecasts provide an essential tool in investment planning for industry stakeholders, from shipping and trucking businesses, federal, state and local council road and infrastructure planning, to primary producers and retailers. The forecasts cover Australian freight overall and key transport modes, including road, rail, seaports and aviation.

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Based on the Australian aggregate forecasts and road freight forecasts these dashboards show the historic and projected growth of different freight types in Australia.

link to Australian Freight Transport Forecasts dashboard

link to Australian Freight Transport Forecasts dashboard

Total Freight

Australian aggregate freight forecasts—2022 update (Report 154)
Released November 2022

Australian aggregate freight forecasts—2019 update (Report 152)
Released November 2019

Freight Measurement and Modelling in Australia
Released March 2006

Road Freight

Australian interstate, intrastate and capital city road freight forecasts – 2022 update (Report 155)
Released November 2022

Traffic and congestion cost trends for Australian capital cities
Released November 2015

Road freight estimates and forecasts in Australia: interstate, capital cities and rest of state
Released December 2010

National road network intercity traffic projections to 2030
Released March 2009

Road Freight Estimates by State/Territory
Released October 2008

Demand Projections for Auslink Non-Urban Corridors: Methodology and Projections
Released February 2006

Port Freight

Containerised and non-containerised trade through Australian ports to 2032–33
Released December 2014

Container and Ship Movements Through Australian Ports: 2007–08 to 2029–30, Preliminary Estimates
Released October 2008

Container and Ship Movements Through Australian Ports 2004–05 to 2024–25
Released December 2006

Port Level Forecasts of Container and Ship Movements in Australia: 2004–05 to 2024–25
Released September 2006

Australia's Seaborne Containerised Freight: Forecasts to 2010–11
Released August 2002


Air Passenger Movements Through Capital and Non-Capital City Airports to 2030–31
Released November 2012

Aircraft movements through capital city airports to 2029–30
Released January 2010

Air passenger movements through capital city airports to 2025–26
Released June 2008