Safety Statistics

Road Safety Statistics

The latest Australian road fatality data (July 2019) shows that:

  • During calendar 2018 there were 1,137 road deaths (provisional).
  • For 2019, there have been 729 deaths (provisional). This is 75 deaths (11.5%) higher than the same period last year.

    Road deaths by main road user group during 12 months

National statistics on fatal road crashes are updated each month in the online Australian Road Deaths Database, and in the Road Deaths Australia monthly bulletin.

Road Safety Dashboards

BITRE has released a new dashboard that presents annual counts of roadside drug tests in Australia, proportion of positive results, and where available, the number of annual road deaths involving an illegal drug.

Regular Road Safety Publications

Statistical alerts for recent OECD road safety reports are available here.

External links to OECD and Australian state and territory road safety data are available here.

Office of Road Safety and National Road Safety Strategy

The National Road Safety Strategy sets out nationally agreed objectives, targets and priorities for road safety improvement in Australia. More information including NRSS statistical indicators are available at

The Office of Road Safety was established on 1 July 2019 to provide greater leadership and coordination of road safety efforts at a national level.


Last Updated: 19 August, 2019