Road Trauma Involving Heavy Vehicles—Annual Summaries

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This report presents counts and rates of fatalities, fatal crashes, and hospitalised injuries from road crashes in which one or more heavy vehicles (heavy trucks or buses) were involved.

2018 : At a glance

  • In 2018, 159 people were killed in crashes involving heavy trucks. This is a reduction of 16.8 per cent compared with the number in 2017.
  • The ten-year fatality trend in crashes where an articulated truck was involved is comprised of a significant level shift in 2013 (down 22.0%) and then a consistent decline to 2018. The overall trend over the last ten years is a decline of 5.0 per cent per year.
  • For crashes involving a heavy rigid truck, the estimated trend in fatalities over the last ten years is a flat 0.0 per cent per year.
  • Of all fatalities where a heavy truck is involved (articulated or heavy rigid), approximately 84 per cent occur in crashes which involve another vehicle in addition to the truck.
  • Approximately 500 heavy truck occupants are hospitalised from road crashes each year. Of these, approximately 30 per cent are categorised with High-threat-to-life injuries.
  • In 2018, 18 people were killed in crashes involving buses. There was a declining trend over the first half of the decade and a slight increase during the last five years.
graph of Annual counts of fatalities in crashes involving heavy vehicles, 2009 - 2018