Road safety enforcement data

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This excel spreadsheet provides summary series of road safety enforcement activities undertaken across the Australian states and territories from 2008 to 2022.

The series includes data about:

  • random roadside alcohol breath tests
  • roadside drug tests
  • speeding infringements
  • mobile phone use while driving infringements
  • seatbelt infringements

The road safety enforcement data series is provided annually by state and territory police agencies and state revenue offices to the Bureau of Infrastructure & Transport Research Economics (BITRE).

The series is collated from data collected by multiple organisations with varied definitions and data collection practices are not fully consistent across states and territories. Please see the data notes contained in the excel spreadsheet and the dashboard for more information.

BITRE is working with data owners to introduce more consistent definitions, address data gaps, and investigate opportunities to streamline the data collection and sharing processes. This will improve the value of this data series for policy makers, including for reporting on progress on the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30 and National Road Safety Action Plan 2023 25.

  • Road Safety Enforcement Data Dictionary – coming soon
  • Road Safety Enforcement Data – dashboard