Effectiveness of Measures to Reduce Road Fatality Rates

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An earlier paper (Gargett et al 2009) showed, by very preliminary analysis of the Victorian road fatality rate, that a combination of increased seat belt wearing, random breath testing (RBT) and speed cameras explained almost all of the reduction in the Victorian road fatality rate since the late 1960s. The current analysis 1) extends the analysis to all states, 2) uses new estimates of vehicle kilometres travelled to derive an "exposure to death" variable and 3) includes actual measurements of state rates of seat belt wearing, as well as RBT and speed camera enforcement back to the inception of the programs in each state. The results of the analysis confirm the findings of the earlier paper seat belt wearing, RBT and speed cameras can explain almost all of the variation in fatality rates in all states since the late 1960s.

  • Effectiveness of Measures to Reduce Road Fatality Rates