Regional economic growth database update 2005–06

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This update of BITRE's regional economic growth database incorporates new data for the 2005–06 financial year, and brings the database in line with the 2006 ABS Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) boundaries. The accompanying paper includes some descriptive analysis on economic growth since 2004–05.The database contains more than 25 years of small-area level taxable income data. Changes in a region's total taxable income can be used as an indicator of economic growth. The database also provides data on the number of taxpayers and the average amount earned by each taxpayer in a region.The 2007 update was based on 2001 ASGC boundaries, which may be of use to those seeking data based on this geography. To access the older database and its accompanying maps and analysis, visit Regional economic growth–BITRE's taxable income database.

  • Regional economic growth in Australia 2004–05 to 2005–06
  • Notes on method: the BITRE's economic growth (taxable income) database, update to 2005–06
  • BITRE economic growth database update 2008