Regional economic growth: BITRE's taxable income database (2007 update)

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This is the 2007 update of BITRE's economic growth database. For the latest update of the database, please click here Regional economic growth database update 2005–06.

The taxable income database contains small-area data from 1980–81 to 2004–05 on a number of indicators. The main indicator is the amount of taxable income each region earns, the change in which can be used as an indicator of economic growth.

In the interactive pdfs accompanying the update, BITRE has created over a hundred maps and many supporting graphs which allow you to explore inter-regional comparisons and time series of regional growth in Australia. These are often at the local government level.

To access these, you will need to download (SAVE) the files below (~8MB).

NOTE:This program will not run unless SAVED first.

Download (SAVE) the file, extract it, and double click other_002_EconomicGrowth_V1.1.Msi to install. Mac and Linux users download the Zip file and double click to extract.

The pdfs and database will then be permanently accessible on your computer.

This economic growth update builds on information paper 54, Focus on regions 3–Taxable Income.

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  • Notes on method: the BITRE's taxable income database 2007 update
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