Public Road-Related Expenditure and Revenue in Australia (2006 update)

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This update covers the years 2000–01 to 2003–04 for road-related expenditure by each level of government as well as total expenditure by State and Territory. It also provides an estimate of non-public sector donations of road assets to State and Local Governments. Selected motor vehicle taxes and charges have been updated to 2003–04. The BTRE road construction and maintenance index has been updated to 2004–05. Australian Government road expenditure by programme is provided for the year 2004–05 and thus includes figures for Auslink funding. The total amount of funding for road-related expenditure by the Australian, State, Territory and Local Governments in 2003–04 was $8.8 billion (Table 1). This amount includes donations from the non-public sector. Between 2000–01 and 2003–04 total road-related expenditure increased by an average of 4 per cent per year. The presentation, in this Information Sheet, of government road-related expenditures together with motor vehicle revenues does not imply that there is, or should be, any direct linkage between revenue and expenditure.

  • Public Road-Related Expenditure and Revenue in Australia (2006 update)