National Guidelines for Transport System Management in Australia

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The first edition of the Guidelines (ATC 2004a) was produced by the Guidelines Assessment Methodology Working Group (endorsed by the Standing Committee on Transport). It incorporated a generic framework, with an initial focus on non-urban land transport (road, rail, inter-modal).

In 2005, The Australian Transport Council (ATC) established a Guidelines Implementation Committee (GIC) to review, update and improve the Guidelines in line with learnings and feedback received during their implementation. The ATC also asked the GIC to extend the Guidelines to urban transport.

This second edition of the Guidelines has been produced by the GIC in response to the directive of the ATC. The Guidelines have been restructured to make them more concise, accessible and user-friendly, while maintaining rigour. The Guidelines have also been extended to urban transport.

The restructured Guidelines comprise five documents, with each document focusing on the needs of a particular audience:

  • Volume 1: Introduction to the Guidelines and Framework–a brief overview of the direction and content of the Guidelines and Framework.
  • Volume 2: Strategic Transport Planning and Development–a detailed description of the Framework.
  • Volume 3: Appraisal of Initiatives–a comprehensive guide to appraisal of transport initiatives.
  • Volume 4: Urban Transport–supplementary material on urban transport, covering the appraisal of public transport initiatives and urban transport modelling.
  • Volume 5: Background Material–contains detailed background material that underpins the methodology outlined in Volume 2 and Volume 3 of the Guidelines.