Transport Colloquium

Australian transport–building capacity and competitiveness

The Colloquium brought together industry, government and research leaders to encourage informed discussion and debate on issues that are fundamental to Australia's economic and social well being.

Speakers' Presentations

Day 1: Session 1–Keynote address

Aviation and its growing role in economic growth and development

  • Keynote Speaker: Professor Kenneth Button, Director, Center for Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA. PDF: 868 KB

Day 1: Session 2

Australian aviation coping with growth

  • Introduction: Dr Krishna Hamal. PPT: 397 KB
  • Tony Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Tiger Airways, The birth of a new beast in Australian aviation. PPT: 2438 KB
  • Brad Geatches, Chief Executive Officer, Perth Airport, The vital role of aviation in WA–Perth Airport redevelopment plan. PPT: 32090 KB
  • Dr Douglas Baker, Associate Professor in the School of Urban Development, Queensland University of Technology, Land use planning around Australian capital city airports. PPT: 23277 KB

Day 1: Session 3

Transport infrastructure challenges ahead?

  • Introduction: Glen Malam. PPT: 434 KB
  • Professor Bill Russell, Co-Director, Australasian Centre for the Governance and Management of Urban Transport, Melbourne University, Who should decide infrastructure priorities? PPT: 1647 KB
  • John Gardiner, Managing Director, ConnectEast Group, Private sector participation in delivering transport infrastructure. PPT: 1647 KB

Day 1: Session 4

Australia's trade supply chains improving capacity, coordination and efficiency

  • Introduction: Rob Bolin, BITRE. PPT: 423 KB
  • Stephen Cantwell, Group Executive General Manager, QR Freight, Unlocking Australia's export supply chain bottlenecks.PPT: 5493 KB
  • Denise McMillan-Hall, Chair, Hunter Valley Coal Logistics Supply Chain, Hunter Valley Coal Chain opportunities and challenges ahead. PPT: 9132 KB
  • Phil Bullock, Senior Executive, Saha International Ltd, Innovate or fail! PPT: 2548 KB

Day 2: Session 5–Keynote address

Meeting skills gaps in Australia's transport industries

  • Keynote Speaker: Ivan Neville, Branch Manager, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.PPT: 531 KB

Day 2: Session 6

Moving people and goods more effectively in Australia's cities

  • Introduction: Jack McAuley. PPT: 600 KB
  • Heather Webster, Executive Director, Public Transport Division, Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure, South Australia, Moving people hearts and minds.PPT: 1535 KB
  • Robert Freemantle, Executive Director, Network and Asset Planning, VicRoads, Keeping Melbourne moving.PPT: 32867 KB
  • Professor David Hensher, Professor of Management, Association Dean and Director, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, The University of Sydney, Corridors are important but do not forget the rest of the urban system. PPT: 4045 KB

Day 2: Session 7

Ensuring efficient and effective security in Australian transport

  • Introduction: Tim Risbey PPT: 402 KB
  • Steve Jackson, General Manager, Group Security Operations, Qantas Airways Limited, The roadmap to improving aviation security and resilienc.PPT: 7109 KB
  • David Blackwell, Chief Executive, Rockhampton Airport, Security for regional aviation challenges and opportunities. PPT: 5051 KB
  • Llewellyn Russell, Chief Executive Officer, Shipping Australia Ltd, Maritime security a rapidly changing scene. PPT: 1726 KB
  • Steven Sullivan, General Manager, Security, Safety and Emergency Management, Port of Melbourne Corporation, Port security-safeguarding port infrastructure. PPT: 6226 KB

Day 2: Session 8

Climate change and Australia's international transport links-aviation and maritime challenges

  • Introduction: Dr David Cosgrove, BITRE. PPT: 1503 KB
  • Michael Sutton, General Manager, Maritime Branch, Infrastructure and Surface Transport Policy, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, International shipping and climate change. PPT: 128 KB
  • Teresa Hatch,, Chief Executive designate, Australian Shipowners' Association, International shipping and climate change. PPT: 9596 KB
  • Dr Robert Porteous, Manager, Strategic Planning, Airservices Australia, Climate change and Australia's international transport links–aviation challenges. PPT: 6825 KB


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