Seminar: Cities issues and data workshop, 14 October 2008

Cities Issues and Data Workshop was held on 14 October 2008 in Canberra with participants from the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors and representatives from various Commonwealth Departments.

The Workshop was opened by the Assistant Secretary, Andrew Tongue, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, providing context and challenges of the workshop:

  • Cities are an important part of the Commonwealth government agenda.
  • We need mutual engagement–Commonwealth and capital cites. We can improve spatial understanding of cities for evidence based public policy.
  • We need a framework for policy dialogue through better data and data sharing arrangements which would facilitate public policy.

Date of Event
14 October 2008

  • Summary of proceedings PDF: 184 KB
  • Our capital cities–productivity, environmental and social issues. Michael Lockwood PPT: 1168 KB
  • Michael Lockwood bio PDF: 10 KB
  • Issues with urban transport–people and freight data. David Gargett PPT: 2142 KB
  • National economic and social datasets and research. Leanne Johnson PPT: 1633 KB
  • Using forecasting for policy development. Mishka Foster PPT: 7968 KB
  • Mishka Foster bio PDF: 64 KB
  • A city information base–city of Melbourne. Austin Ley PPT: 21619 KB
  • Austin Ley bio PDF: 79 KB