Guest seminar: A policymaker's guide to transport reliability

Steve Perkins was in Canberra on Monday, 11th October. Steve is Head of the Joint Transport Research Centre of the International Transport Forum and the OECD. Steve took the opportunity of his visit to present the conclusions of a Forum study on transport reliability.

Steve leads the research wing of the International Transport Forum. The Forum is an International Governmental Organisation for Transport Ministers with 51 Member countries, is part of the OECD family of organisations and has a secretariat located in Paris. The Forum has an annual meeting of transport ministers and industry specialists in Leipzig.

Steve's previous experiences includes energy industry restructuring and regulation at the International Energy Agency, work on economic regulation for a major gas utility and consultancy on energy policy and environmental issues for government and industry.

Between 2007 and 2010, a team of transport specialists assembled from around the world by the ITF pooled their skills, experiences and practices to investigate policy systems for improving management and delivery of transport reliability. Steve and Peter Kain, from the BITRE, will present the results of this work. Peter was a member of the Reliability Working Group and a principal editor of the report.

Date of Event
11 October 2010

  • A policymaker's guide to transport reliability PDF: 1547 KB