Latest publications from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics en International Airline Activity—Monthly Publications <p>These reports cover monthly international aircraft, passenger, freight and mail movements, flights, available seats, seat load factors and airline market shares. Details are provided for airline, country, city pair and airport.</p> International Airlines Operated Flights and Seats <p>These files contain international time series data covering operated flights and seats by airport, city pair, airline, route, country and region.</p> Review of the National Cities Performance Framework – Final paper <p>The National Cities Performance Framework (NCPF) was launched in 2017 with the commitment to conduct reviews every 3 years. This report covers the feedback received and the approach for the future of the NCPF.</p> International Airline Activity—Time Series <p>These files contain international time series data covering passenger, freight and mail movements, flights, available seats and seat load factors. Details are provided for airline, country and city pair.</p> Airline On Time Performance Monthly Reports <p>This report covers monthly punctuality and reliability data of major domestic and regional airlines operating between Australian airports. Details are published for individual airlines on competitive routes and for airports on those routes.</p> <p>Publication of monthly Domestic Airline On Time Performance statistics was suspended from April 2020 to December 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19 related travel restrictions on activity levels and to reduce the reporting burden on airlines during that period.</p> Bi-annual road trauma data tables for the Australia New Zealand Trauma Registry <p>This report provides national summary tables of severe injury cases (admitted patients with an Injury Severity Score &gt; 12) added to the Australia New Zealand Trauma Registry. The report has separate tables for on-road transport, off-road transport, unknown transport and non-transport cases. Data are preliminary.<br />  </p> Road Deaths Australia—Monthly Bulletins <p>This bulletin contains current counts and summaries of road crash deaths and fatal road crashes in Australia. It is produced monthly and published on BITRE's website on or around the 14th of each month. Data are sourced from the road traffic or police authorities in each jurisdiction. Data are preliminary and subject to revision.</p> <p>A table providing monthly fatalities for the last 5 years is included in the Excel file.</p> Archived Road Deaths Australia—Monthly Bulletins <p>Older issues of Road Deaths Australia are available below.</p> <ul> <li>July 2021<br /> <p> Road deaths Australia - July 2021 [PDF: 579.24 KB]<br /> </p></li></ul> Australian Domestic Aviation Activity Annual Publications <p>This report summarises annual domestic (including regional) aircraft and passenger movements, available seats, load factors, revenue passenger kilometres and available seat kilometres. Details are provided for the top competitive routes and the major airports. Estimates of charter passengers and charter aircraft flights are included in this publication where BITRE confidentiality standards are met.</p> Australian Domestic Airline Activity—time series <p>These files contain domestic aviation time series. The data cover aircraft and passenger movements, available seats, load factors, hours and kilometres flown, revenue passenger kilometres, available seat kilometres and cargo carried by domestic airlines. Details for the top competitive routes are also provided.</p> Freight vehicle congestion in Australia’s five major cities - 2019 <p>This publication uses freight vehicle telematics data to provide measures of traffic congestion for freight vehicles on 53 selected routes across Australia’s five mainland state capital cities. The results show peaks in freight vehicle average travel times coincide with morning and evening peak commuter flows.</p> Archived Road Trauma Australia—Annual Summaries <p>Older issues of Road Trauma Australia—Annual Summaries are available below.</p> <ul> <li>2017<br /> <p> Road trauma Australia 2017 statistical summary [PDF: 2.52 MB]<br /> </p></li></ul> Road Trauma Australia—Annual Summaries <p>This report is the latest in a series of annual road crash statistical reports. It presents annual counts of deaths, fatal crashes, injuries and standardised rates. The focus is on the last ten years.</p> <p>Data presented in this publication was correct as at May 2021. Due to normal ongoing revisions in road deaths data, comparisons between this publication and later reports will result in minor discrepancies.</p> <p>2020 : At a glance</p> Hospitalised Injury <p>This Excel sheet provides summary series of hospitalised injuries (injury resulting in hospitalisation but not in-hospital death) from road traffic crashes. These series are produced by the National Injury Surveillance Unit at Flinders University under an agreement with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.</p> <p>The AIHW also publish information on hospitalised injury due to land transport accidents.</p> <p>Note: The latest update includes data for the 2018 calendar year.</p> Airport traffic data <p>These files contain monthly and annual details of passenger and aircraft movement data on scheduled regular Public Transport services at selected Australian airports.</p>