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Location and other risk factors in crashes

This information sheet reports results of a study into the risk factors of vehicle crashes given a crash has occurred in terms of whether it results in the death of a person involved.

Publication type: Information Sheet
Publication number: 97
Publication subjects: safety
Release date: 06 June 2018

Road vehicle-kilometres travelled: estimation from state and territory fuel sales

This report develops a methodology for estimating traffic levels for each of the eight states and territories in Australia from March 1965 to June 2010.

Publication type: Research Report
Publication number: 124
Publication subjects: road
Release date: 19 September 2011

Australian infrastructure statistics—Yearbook 2011

The Australian Infrastructure Statistics Yearbook 2011 provides a single comprehensive source of Australian infrastructure statistics time series statistics for measures of transport, energy, communications and water infrastructure and the use of

Publication type: Statistical Report
Publication subjects: aviation, cities, environment and energy, freight, infrastructure, maritime, rail, road, statistics yearbooks, safety
Release date: 12 March 2011

Moving urban Australia: can congestion charging unclog our roads?

This report reviews the case for congestion charging and provides a policy framework for assessing charging systems.

Publication type: Working Paper
Publication number: 74
Publication subjects: cities, road
Release date: 29 October 2008

National Workshop on Urban Transport Modelling

In order to maximise the value of urban transport modelling as a tool for improving urban congestion interventions, a National Workshop on Urban Transport Modelling was held in Canberra on 5 March 2008. It was co-convened by the Urban Congestion

Publication type: Other
Publication subjects: general transport
Release date: 26 March 2008

Passenger Movements between Australian Cities, 1970–71 to 2030–31

BTRE has recently completed estimates of passenger movements by various modes (i.e. air, car, coach and rail) between major Australian cities (covering ten main routes) from 1970–71 to 2003–04 and predicted passenger flows up to 2030–31.

Publication type: Information Sheet
Publication number: 26
Publication subjects: forecasting, rail, road
Release date: 11 December 2006

Australian Road Financing Statistics 1970–71 to 1979–80

This paper provides a consistent series of road expenditure data by Commonwealth, State and local government over the 10 years 1970–71 to 1979–80.

Publication type: Information Paper
Publication number: 3
Publication subjects: infrastructure, road
Release date: 01 September 1982

Railway Track Design: A Review of Current Practice

This Paper reviews the current practice for the design of conventional railway track.

Publication type: Occasional Paper
Publication number: 35
Publication subjects: rail
Release date: 28 May 1980

Publications by year: 2006

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