Publications by year: 2015


This page is a listing of all BITRE publications released in 2015.

  • Freightline 3—Australia sugar freight transportStatistical Report December 2015The Freightline series is intended to provide information on interregional freight movements across Australia, filling a major gap in Australian transport-related data and information. This issue focusses on the bulk transport of sugar cane, raw and refined sugar, as well as molasses in Australia in 2011–12.
  • Australian infrastructure statistics—Yearbook 2015 and Key Australian infrastructure statistics booklet 2015Statistical Report December 2015The Australian infrastructure statistics yearbook provides a single comprehensive source of Australian infrastructure time series statistics for measures of transport, energy, communications and water infrastructure and the use of this infrastructure in Australia.
  • Waterline 57—December 2015Statistical Report December 2015Waterline reports on container operations at five Australian major container ports: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle. This issue covers port activity up to the June quarter 2015.
  • Trainline 3Statistical Report November 2015TrainLine 3 provides an overview of freight, urban and non-urban passenger rail. The report analyses traffic levels, the provision of infrastructure and rolling stock, and railway performance.
  • Infrastructure benchmarking reportCommissioned Report November 2015This report presents a summary of the key results from the first national pilot benchmarking of infrastructure procurement processes and construction costs, undertaken for the Infrastructure Working Group of the Transport and Infrastructure Council.
  • BITRE road construction and maintenance price index—2015 updateInformation Sheet 72November 2015The 2015 update of the road construction and maintenance price index and sub-indexes.
  • Australia's commuting distance: cities and regionsInformation Sheet 73November 2015This Information Sheet provides estimates of average commuting distance for Australian capital cities, and other major cities and regions, based on the shortest path of the road network.
  • Traffic and congestion cost trends for Australian capital citiesInformation Sheet 74November 2015This information sheet presents estimates of the avoidable cost of congestion for the Australian capital cities; and updates similar results in BTRE (2007) Working paper 71.
  • Australian Sea Freight 2013–14Statistical Report October 2015Australian Sea Freight 2013–14 is the latest in a series of statistical publications on maritime freight and vessel activity in Australia.
  • Australian cycling safetyInformation Sheet 71July 2015This paper presents an analysis of cycling safety in Australia. Topics included are an analysis of casualties by demographics, types of crash that result in cyclist injuries and recent trends in cycling participation.
  • Transport infrastructure and land value upliftInformation Sheet 69June 2015Information Sheet 69 describes the concept of using land value uplift capture for financing transport infrastructure and discusses the main models that have been proposed for Australia. It then looks at some of the problems with using land value uplift as an infrastructure financing mechanism and the proposed solution.
  • Pedestrians and road safetyInformation Sheet 70May 2015This paper presents latest available Australian and international statistics on the road safety of pedestrians.
  • Waterline 56—May 2015Statistical Report May 2015Part of BITRE's Maritime series, Waterline reports on trends in port activity at five major Australian container terminals: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle. This issue covers port terminal activity up to the December quarter 2014.
  • Developing productivity elasticities for estimating WEBs in Australia—Scoping StudyCommissioned Report March 2015The report provides a methodology to obtain a robust set of parameters for practitioners to use when estimating the wider economic benefits (WEBs) of transport infrastructure investments.
  • The impact of airbags and electronic stability control on Australian light vehicle fatalitiesInformation Sheet 68March 2015This Information Sheet presents estimates of the impact of airbags and electronic stability control (ESC) on fatalities in light vehicle crashes.
  • International trade and Australian cities: what house prices sayInformation Sheet 67January 2015Information Sheet 67 is a companion to Information Sheet 65. It examines the relationship between changing international trade patterns and the locational value of the 41 Australian cities with a population above 30,000.
  • International trade and cities: what house prices sayInformation Sheet 65January 2015This Information Sheet examines the effect of changing patterns of international trade on the location value of cities as measured by relative house prices.
  • Waterline 55—January 2015Statistical Report January 2015Waterline provides information on container movements on both the wharf-side and the landside of five Australian major container port terminals: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle. This issue covers port terminal activity up to the June quarter 2014.
  • Changes in Australia's industry structure: cities and regions, 2006–2011Information Sheet 57January 2015BITRE Information Sheet 57 provides information on changes between 2006 and 2011 in the industry structure of employment for different types of regional areas, as well as for Australia's capital cities and non-capital cities.