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New Data Sources for Transport Workshop

Date of event: 26 May 2014

Currently, the transport demand models used to appraise urban transport projects and to forecast patronage for toll roads rely on data from sample surveys and ad hoc traffic counts. The data is patchy and often dated. In US and Europe, private firms are buying data from service providers for mobile phones, in-vehicle GPS devices and from Bluetooth detection devices, processing the data and selling the results to travel demand modellers and others. Stringent privacy safeguards are in place.

The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics, together with Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, held a workshop on 26 May 2014 in Sydney to develop ideas for an implementation plan—an ‘agenda for action’—to harness these new data sources in Australia.

Attendees included representatives of data owners (telecommunications companies, GPS service providers), researchers, travel demand modellers, potential data processors, governments, toll road owners, toll road investors, and privacy experts.

There were two international speakers. Dr Luis Willumsen, a leading transport modelling expert based in London, gave a presentation on ‘Opportunities for sourcing new data’. Mr Danny Woolard, VP Business Development INRIX from the UK gave a presentation titled ‘Big Data and its use in transportation—global experiences’.

  • GHD report: New traffic data sources workshop: PDF: 640 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Background paper: New traffic data sources—An overview PDF: 1313 KB ReadSpeaker

Presentations from International speakers:

We would like to thank delegates for their valued contributions.