Patronage Forecasting Symposium

Date of event: 21 June 2011

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport has released a Consultation Paper and a report commissioned by the Department from GHD in association with Dr Robert Bain. These are available on the Department's site:

We would like to thank all delegates for their valued contributions.

Symposium Documents

  • Review of Traffic Forecasting Performance Toll Roads PDF: 626 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Patronage Forecasting Symposium: summary of outcomes PDF: 440 KB ReadSpeaker


  • Error and Optimisum Bias in Toll Road Traffic and Revenue Forecasts—Robert Bain—RBconsult Ltd PDF: 1117 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Traffic Forecasting Performance of PPP and Toll Roads—Dr Mark Harvey, BITRE
    PDF: 269 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Case Studies of Recent Australian Toll Road Projects—Steve Kanowski, GHD
    PDF: 374 KB ReadSpeaker