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2009 Infrastructure Colloquium—Infrastructure for the nation's future

2009 BITRE Infrastructure Colloquium was held 18 and 19 June

The Colloquium brought together industry, government and research leaders to encourage informed discussion and debate on issues that are fundamental to Australia's economic and social well being.

Speakers' Presentations

Day 1: Session 1—Keynote address

The global downturn, infrastructure and the Australian economy

  • Keynote Speaker: Michael Blythe, Chief Economist, Commonwealth Bank of Australia PDF: 192 KB ReadSpeaker

Day 1: Session 2

Infrastructure delivery—improving outcomes

  • Brian Watters, Director, Major Infrastructure, NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, Delivering road infrastructure: a government agency perspective. PDF: 536 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Dr Adrian Bridge, Senior Lecturer—Construction Economics, School of Urban Development, Queensland Institute of Technology, Delivering value for money in procuring infrastructure: towards addressing construction and finance constraints. PDF: 179 KB ReadSpeaker

Day 1: Session 3

Water for urban and local communities—what are the challenges?

  • Introduction: Rob Vertessy, Deputy Director, Water, Bureau of Meteorology, Canberra PDF: 1935 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Ross Martin, General Manager, Water Markets Assessment Group, National Water Commission, Water for urban and local communities what are the challenges? PDF: 4585 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Peter Harris, Secretary, Department of Environment and Sustainability, Victoria, Infrastructure investments by state governments; more success than failure PDF: 16783 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Professor Rebekah Brown, Associate Professor, National Urban Water Governance Program, School of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Monash University, Transitioning to a water sensitive city. PDF: 9186 KB ReadSpeaker

Day 1: Session 4

Better urban planning—setting goals and strategies

  • Introduction: Leanne Johnson, Research Leader, BITRE PDF: 665 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Dorte Ekelund, Executive Director, Major Cities Unit, Infrastructure Australia, Cities complex and dynamic requiring systems thinking. PDF: 9107 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Dr Clive Forster, Associate Professor of Geography, School of Geography, Population and Environmental Management, Flinders University. Metropolitan Strategy: where to from here? PDF: 6864 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Professor Ed Blakely, Honorary Professor of Urban Policy, United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney, Re-thinking infrastructure for sustainable development PDF: 6879 KB ReadSpeaker

Day 2: Session 5—Keynote address

How necessary is more infrastructure for quality public transport?

  • Our keynote speaker was Professor Corinne Mulley, Chair of Public Transport, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, University of Sydney, How necessary is more infrastructure for quality public transport? PDF: 1642 KB ReadSpeaker

Day 2: Session 6

Local government infrastructure—addressing pressures

  • Introduction: Dr Karen Wade, Regional Economist, BITRE PDF: 1682 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Councillor Geoff Lake, President, Australian Local Government Association, Local government infrastructure PDF: 240 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Professor Cliff Walsh, Emeritus Professor and Research Fellow, School of Economics, University of Adelaide, Funding local government: the infrastructure dimension PDF: 338 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Chris Champion, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia, Sustainable management of community infrastructure. PDF: 9553 KB ReadSpeaker

Day 2: Session 7

Improving public transport in Australia's cities infrastructure issues and options

  • Introduction: Dr David Cosgrove, Principal Research Scientist, BITRE PDF: 1338 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Paul Blake, Executive Director, Strategic Policy, Department of Transport and Main Roads QLD, Moving people in South East Queensland: rationale and results. PDF: 9129 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Professor Graham Currie, Professor of Public Transport, Institute of Transport Studies, Monash University, Research perspectives on the case for light rail versus bus. PDF: 8000 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Peter Martinovich, Director, Rail Infrastructure Planning, Public Transport Authority WA, Commuter rail for low urban density. PDF: 11960 KB ReadSpeaker

Day 2: Session 8

Urban freight logistics what are the priorities?

  • Introduction: Dr David Gargett, Research Leader, BITRE PDF: 917 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Geoff Thomas, General Manager Logistics, Woolworths Limited, Urban freight logistics what are the priorities? An end users perspective. PDF: 987 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Terry Garwood, Executive Director, Freight, Logistics and Marine, Department of Transport VIC, Freight futures: A plan of action for an efficient, high capacity and sustainable freight infrastructure network for Victoria. PDF: 2897 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Gary Wells, Chief Executive Officer, Indygroup Pty Ltd, Indygroup: open access intermodal business parks. PDF: 9671 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Dennis Walsh, Executive Director, Network Operations & Road Safety, Department of Main Roads, QLD, Commercial vehicle trips in major urban areas. PDF: 2997 KB ReadSpeaker