Tracking State and Commonwealth Open Data Developments

Lead agencies

BITRE and state and territory transport agencies (through ATDAN)

Enduring question 6.1

What infrastructure data and information is currently publicly available and what datasets and information can be made available?

Gap addressed

Locating, understanding and utilising available transport and infrastructure datasets.


The Australian Government, and state and territory governments have recently made commitments and implemented several initiatives and projects to improve access to public data.

Key initiatives include the implementation of the Australian Government's response1 to the Productivity Commission Data Availability and Use Inquiry, and developments to national, state and territory open data portals (see example in Case Study 5).

Despite these initiatives, it is still often difficult for users to locate available open data and understand developments in open data and data sharing.


Improve visibility of cross jurisdictional open data and data sharing initiatives.

Project update

'Open Data' is now a standing Agenda Item for ATDAN meetings, with each jurisdiction proving regular updates on open data developments. Jurisdictions are now reviewing their transport open data holdings and aiming to develop a common core set of National datasets and consistent data standards to enable improved comparability of data collections.

BITRE's Data Plan Project website will provide up-to-date information on these open data developments as they arise, as well as on Australian Government data sharing and open data initiatives.

Related publication

  • Chapter 5 of the Draft National Infrastructure Data Collection and Dissemination Plan provides a summary of public data initiatives, including state and territory data portals.

1 See The Australian Government's response to the Productivity Commission Data Availability and Use Inquiry